Do you choose to have a career with Us?

From research, people are best productive when they are genuinely regarded as the best assets of any organization. At Imperial Phoenix consulting (IPC) we strongly share in this philosophy and with our people we can make a difference in our clients and give them a memorable experience that ensure both repeat business and referrals.  IPC employs a multidisciplinary team of human Resource specialists, people are passionate about services and excited to give transform organizations. They work their way into the Management Development Programme from junior level or through our carefully structured Management Trainee Scheme.

An IPC Career is one that is rewarding and is filled with challenges and opportunities. We are always on the lookout for agile, bright, energetic and talented individuals with a global vision. People who are proactive and are not afraid to think outside the box.

Above all, IPC values people with a positive attitude and respect towards customers, themselves, and other employees; people who strive towards delivering the highest standard of quality service to customers. The ability to understand and adopt the IPC customer-focus culture, whether the employee is looking for a career or a part-time job, is worth as much as the usual career entry requirements of an OND or a University degree.

Our Code of Ethics Statement is as follows:

§  Working in IPC means working in an environment that is constantly dynamic and professional diverse where there is mutual trust and respect and where everyone feels responsible for the performance and reputation of our company.

§  We will recruit, employ and promote employees on the sole basis of the qualifications and abilities needed for the work to be performed. We provide equal opportunity based on merit and do not permit discrimination

§  We are committed to providing healthy and safe working conditions for all employees.

§  We provide clearly communicated goals and performance standards, and the training, information and authority needed to do a good job.

§  We provide fair recognition and reward based on performance.

§  We are committed to working with employees to develop and enhance each individual’s skills and capabilities.

§  We maintain good communications with employees through regular and timely company information and consultation procedures.

§  We respect the human rights, dignity and privacy of the individual and the right of employees to freedom of association, freedom of expression and the right to be heard.

Contact Information

Address: Suite 201-203 Bahamas Plaza, Plot 1080 Joseph Gomwalk St, Abuja

Phone: +2349055449788


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